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During her absence Michael hires Bobbie as a nurse for Michael.

Even after she returns Carly still struggles with being able to hold or help Michael.

After a bitter fight with Tony, Carly beds a drunk A. She reveals to him that she is really Caroline Leigh Benson, Bobbie's daughter.

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Carly begins to slowly seduce Tony and the two kiss on Bobbie's birthday.

Carly gets an apartment with Tony and seduces him in December 1996.

The rest of the staff also seem pleased with Carly. Quartermaine and begins a sexual relationship with his brother, Jason, after meeting him at Jake's.

The only exception is Amy Vining, who causes friction between Monica and Carly. Carly slowly works her way in to the Spencer family and uses Tony to her advantage to get in to the nursing program.

The German site of Geißenklösterle is crucial to debates concerning the European Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition and the origins of the Aurignacian in Europe.

Previous dates from the site are central to an important hypothesis, the model, which posits that the Swabian Jura was an area where crucial behavioural developments took place and then spread to other parts of Europe.

The previous chronology (critical to the model), is based mainly on radiocarbon dating, but remains poorly constrained due to the dating resolution and the variability of dates.

The cause of these problems is disputed, but two principal explanations have been proposed: a) larger than expected variations in the production of atmospheric radiocarbon, and b) taphonomic influences in the site mixing the bones that were dated into different parts of the site.

We reinvestigate the chronology using a new series of radiocarbon determinations obtained from the Mousterian, Aurignacian and Gravettian levels.

The results strongly imply that the previous dates were affected by insufficient decontamination of the bone collagen prior to dating.

Carly hold Michael and reveals in front of everyone that she was really Caroline Benson, the daughter Bobbie had given up for adoption as a teenager.

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