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Everyone seems to be raving about the R9's benefits but I'd be interested to hear about any niggles you may have coming from the traditional Android (LG, Samsung, etc).I'm sure most of them would have work-around anyway.Looking at AUD 0-0 the One Plus 3T is a great option with top notch hardware.

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Do you think the AXON 7 is worth the extra $100 dollars for the usual email checking, youtubing, facebooking, whatsapping and no heavy gaming?

MW if this phone has the 625, this phone is very overpriced for what you are getting.

Potential buyers of imports should also note, that most of these imported phones might lack full LTE support, such as not having LTE band 28 etc...

Cheers Walk in warranty means sending to Fonebiz who are rubbish.

lia/status/825952901767913472 Overall I really like the sleekness of the phone.

Sure it screams i Phone all over, even with the "non-button" home button.

Not all manufacturers are even releasing these for their phones.

This is the biggest concern with regards to lack of updates ordered through Virgin today on the p/m plan to ensure I get the extra gb of data in my plan.

Is it worth waiting a month or two for the R9S to make its aussie appearance?


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  2. Now that you are back at the standard Anroid Home screen, what are the ramifications?

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