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With the standard , or with any HTML table, we have no way of sorting the data automatically.We don’t really want to load all the data down to the client and use javascript for the same reasons we don’t want to use a paginator that requires all the data be loaded.They may just want to see the last 10 phone calls made to the client or the last time the client was called.

This takes care of handling the SQL injection problem, lets us isolate the handling of field ordering in one place and it makes it easier to deal with ordering by multiple fields.

Note that if you want to define your components in If you run this, and click the link, you will notice that the results will order by the field. This is because we haven’t introduced state into the equation.

(Update : fixed some of the missing images) One common code pattern that we find ourselves writing time and again is the ability to display tables which are paginated and sortable.

Ideally, this is something we should try and be able to re-use throughout our application.

Let’s start by looking at where we are now with the features that come with Seam out of the box. It does this by taking the number of items in the source list and determining how many pages are needed to display the data.

The problem with this is that it requires that all objects in the source list be represented as an object, even if it is just a memento or placeholder for the real entity.

Again, this is something we should seek to fix in our solution to avoid having to start conversations unnecessarily or waste time setting up parameters.

In order to achieve our goals, we will define two facelets that can be re-used, one for the sortable column, and the other for the pagination.

Both our problems, pagination and ordering, stems from the fact that we do not have a standard server side object interface by which these ‘dumb’ html component can go against in order to manipulate the data as necessary.

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