Really tall guys dating short girls internet dating the rules

But if a guy is short and he might pursue a taller woman.He might help a woman find her car in a crowded parking lot.The fashion world sets up tall, slender women as the "ideal" type.

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If you were wondering why you’ve been singularly attracted to tall or short women in particular, science may reveal the deeper meaning behind your “type.” Here's what the research has to say.

There’s a reason why the world’s finest designers model tall women.

Simon Chu, who was involved in the study, explained.

The evidence found in studies of heightism is not entirely in favor of tall women.

Maybe he'll offer to reach for the top shelf at Whole Foods.

OK, I was kidding there — but, point being, there are pros and cons to a man's own height in seeking a partner.

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In one study, men were asked to judge the characters of women whose pictures had been digitally shortened or lengthened.

These findings served as "the first direct evidence that female height influences perception of their character,” Dr.

But heightism is not confined to ego battles between men.


  1. “I’m also looking for a girl who has good hygiene, and nothing like fake nails or dentures.” says that this “my way or the highway” outlook on life affected his own dating history.

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