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The two are discussing Cheren's ambitions and goals as a Trainer—at this point, Cheren is aiming to be the Champion of Unova. As you and your Pokémon grow stronger, your world will get broader! If you're together, you can do things you can't do alone, and your Pokémon can go places they couldn't go on their own." Alder debuted in Ash and Trip's Third Battle! He was battling a Trainer in the middle of town with his Bouffalant as Trip spectated in awe.Alder appears at several points in the game to help the player put a stop to the plans of Team Plasma, making appearances at Relic Castle and N's Castle. If you give one to your Pokémon, its HP will be restored. ""When you find something you want to do, you should take it on without a moment of doubt! After the battle, the Champion approached the child and allowed him to pet and feed Bouffalant.Although Bouffalant was sent flying by Serperior's Dragon Tail, it recovered quickly and defeated its opponent with Head Charge.

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Alder will again assist the player at various points of the game, and he is based in his hometown Floccesy Town. However, the joy one feels in being with Pokémon--that is the real thing. I've met many different Pokémon, many different Trainers, and now I've met all of you. In order to persuade Bouffalant to quit wasting time and attack, Alder slapped its rump, sending it charging.

A woman in the Trainers' School notes that Alder had refused to train her because it is the era of young people. In order to spread the word, I left the Pokémon League and kept traveling... There are many more Trainers and Pokémon to encounter in the world! I don't know what he's thinking now, but I'm sure he realizes that different people and Pokémon have their own paths to follow. Bouffalant stampeded towards Pikachu, but stopped quickly, made a U-turn, and attacked Alder instead.

As Trip won the tournament in Ash, Iris and Trip: Then There Were Three!

by defeating Ash, he got the right the battle Alder.

, in which it easily defeated a Herdier by using Head Charge.

After the battle, Alder gave some Pokémon food to Trip in order to feed it.It is said that Alder instructed the Elite Four to look after Unova as he traveled around the region. We certainly can't let Team Plasma reawaken both of them! No, I guess in this case I should say I'm "returning" to the Pokémon League! I'll teach him about the beauty of this world, where Pokémon and Trainers live together in harmony! That would have shown that brat the worthlessness of his outrageous dreams. "But, in the same way that all stories have a beginning and an end, all lives have an end, as well... Trip woke Alder, while Bouffalant expressed its embarrassment and disappointment in its Trainer.In Pokémon Black and White 2, former Opelucid City Gym Leader Iris has become the region's Champion. Since I've traveled all over Unova, I have an idea of where it might be. It was then that I understood that strength isn't something that remains unchanged forever. Your Pokémon are always doing their best for you, the Trainer, so you must always be kind to them! After explaining why he was asleep, Alder commanded Bouffalant to use Head Charge, but Bouffalant was still angry with Alder and slow to respond.In Pokémon Black and White, Alder appears as the wandering Champion of Unova. Aspertia's Gym Leader is a very strong Pokémon Trainer! If you think hard about what the Pokémon at your side can do, and what you should do as a Trainer, victory will be yours!The player first meets him on Route 5, where he is seen with Cheren. When a Pokémon holds this Berry, it can eat the Berry if it gets hurt in the heat of battle and regain some of its lost HP! And then you should take on stronger and stronger Trainers... Working together with your Pokémon is what makes you grow as a Trainer.However, it was given no commands as Pikachu hit it with all of his attacks.


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