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Traditionally families are composed of two parental figures of the opposite sex and their biological children.

With higher percentages of marriage ending in divorce, and higher rates of childbearing out of wedlock, single parent families are increasing rapidly.

“Seventy percent of all the children will spend all or part of their lives in a single-parent household.” (Dowd) Studies have shown that the children of these families are affected dramatically, both negatively and positively....

Deal will express in his book, Dating and the Single Parent are based around blended families. Deal is an advocate for first marriage reconciliation but believes blended families need more help. Deal’s introduction he expressed that dating is hard if you are newly single, but even harder if newly single with kids. Deal explains is more of a non-competitive family....

“Balancing your desire for love with kids’ need for stability and emotional safety is tough” (Deal, 2012, p. [tags: Dr Deal, families, marriage, children, God] - Single Parent Homes A single parent is one who is living without a spouse and/or partner.

This individual takes on all of the daily responsibilities that comes with raising a child(ren).

Furthermore, consider the single parent the one who provides solely for the child as they are the ones with them most of the time throughout the stint of their entire life.Single mothers are prevalent in minority groups, especially in the African American community....[tags: parenting, family structure, children] - Summary Ideas that Dr.This leads to a vicious and continuous cycle that could lead to the destruction of generations thereafter.The trend of single-parent households are drastically increasing every year....One of the most striking changes in family structure over the last twenty years has been the increase in single-parent families.


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