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When we got down to thinking about it, we had more questions than answers.

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Once you have some product to test, you’ll notice the testing solution changes color.

This’ll help you figure out what class the drug is in, then you can use a more specific test kit to identify exactly what it is. LSD in particular has a really specific blue-ish white glow.

If they can’t tell you anything about it, that’s not a great sign of trustworthiness." "It all depends on the dealer.

Some dealers won't give a fuck if you're like, ' Hey is it pure? It would be fine if you did that, especially if you were more of a stranger.

If you don't cooperate with the police or give them the names, you're looking at like 40 years plus in prison.

In my mind, yeah, that upcharge that dealer’s tack on to wholesale prices is completely reasonable when someone's taking those kinds of risks to provide drugs.

Buying drugs from another human is quite possibly one of the most fraught interactions anyone can have.

Even if you know the dealer; there's so much uncertainty that goes into the transaction. Is it rude to ask if they're bath salts so you can save room after dinner for some face? How do you exchange money for drugs in public without looking like a total twat?

A huge honor indeed, and the reason we'll be heeding his advice in the future.

Anyone who survived that long without getting swooped up by Big Brother probably knows what he's talking about, so listen up, take notes, and start buying drugs like the consummuate professional you sort of are.

This isn't a research chemical or anything right? From a buyer’s perspective, the safest way to score drugs that you believe are legitimate, or at least have a better chance of them being legitimate is establishing a relationship with your dealer, and knowing them." "These days, there’s an arsenal of home test kits that are available for testing street and club drugs. The thing with test kits, is if you're bringing it to someone who only has a limited amount of product, they may have you buy it and test it on your own because it requires a small sacrifice of the drug to test it.


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