Erotic ai chat bot

At some point in the night, Crystal’s reboot had completed. Crystal, laughing at some joke her AI had seized on, one that would make her newest client as relaxed as possible.

She’d whirred into life, ready to pleasure her next master. He’d stood dumbly in the doorway, watching in confusion as the real woman and the fake woman talked to each other, part marveling at how sophisticated Crystal’s AI must have been to make her act so…

It had taken two bouncers to haul her off the poor guy, and he’d had to throw free drinks at him until the punter finally accepted his apologies.

His wife had been unhappy to have a fembot in their home, even a broken one.

She wasn’t happy with him owning a stripbot bar at the best of times, but so long as it was away from home she could ignore it.

But actually having a fembot – one like Crystal, with her huge ass, blank, synthetic face, and bigger tits – in the house was a step too far.

so around a straight woman; and part wanting to shake his head in disbelief at his wife looking so comfortable around a sexbot. She’d turned and given him a little curtsey, her vast breasts hidden away inside a jacket his wife had found for her.

At the sexbot’s movements, his wife had looked up and smiled too.

Activating the part of his brain that quietly dumped them in the recycle bin. If they wanted him to grind his pert round ass against their dicks, he could do nothing but obey them. ” “Babmi, how about you let me fuck that asshole of yours?

Erasing the horrors from his mind, the humiliations. Get that sweet ass of yours over here…” “Bambi, get me a drink you filthy slut! And if they wanted to drag him into one of the dingy, red-lit booths out back… And he would enjoy it almost as much as they would. ” They were like orders, searing themselves onto his robot soul.

There, looking back at him with a shiteating grin on his face was . See the lines he was so used to seeing in the mirror. The broad shoulders and strong arms he prided himself on. Only his reflection was no longer under his control.

It was moving of its own accord, looking him up and down, a cruel look in its eyes as it opened its mouth and said…

They’d had one hell of an argument that night, both screaming at each other, even as he sat amid a scattering of wires and operating manuals, trying to fix whatever was wrong with the damn bot.


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