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It’s cold outside and everyone is coupled up with their temporary girlfriends and boyfriends for the winter. The memories of the probably-not-that-vanilla sex you had in the past?

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I’ll happily take a finger, but the whole thing is just too much for me. I saw him the week after and we went back to his where, again, he asked if we could do anal, and he was really surprised I didn’t want to.

His anal obsession grew to the point when a few weeks down the line, we were having sex and I was kneeling, and he started wiggling my bum.

The next Wednesday night I was on a massive one with the boys, and she kept calling me.

She then sent me a text saying that a man was following her home, and I panicked.

It turned out she was fine, and she had made the whole thing up to get me to come over.

I was confused, outraged, drunk and desperate to shag something, so I did begrudgingly go back with her.This, again, was kind of fine but then he started calling me a “silly little cunt” and genuinely used the phrase “you’re so dirty, if I was an EDL skin-head you would still want this”.Afterwards he got out his guitar and sang me a song he’d written. It’s a bit of a running joke I always get asked for anal, and I dated a guy who wasn’t shy about how much he wanted to do it. It was just a one night stand, and I thought he was just trying his luck and suggested it.He has asked me to scat on him, I think I’ll do it, I guess then that will be the dirtiest thing I’ve ever done. She asked me if I enjoyed it and I said it was alright.I’d just started seeing this guy, and we went back to his house after a night out. After noting the mild approval in my voice she told me to do it to her.We were having sex and she was getting into it, aggressively intoning the words “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”.

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