Dating site lingo

CUFFING SEASON: This term comes from the word “handcuffing.” In the fall, when the weather starts getting cooler, it’s time to find a partner to spend those cold winter nights with.

R-BOMBING: When you leave a message as “read,” but you don’t reply, you’ve just R-bombed someone, and that’s not very nice.

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“I honestly use these terms at least once a day,” said Shim, who has been on dating apps Tinder and Bumble in the past, but deleted them and vows to only date people she meets IRL (in real life).

While it may seem like these terms are all describing new things — and many of them are — creating lexicon for dating is something each generation does, depending on the cultural practices at the time.

It resembles a traditional bikini line wax (with just a neat triangle of hair left) but minus the fluff on your labia and bum.

A hint of hair for those a bit scared of going completely bare, the desert island leaves a small floating triangle on the pubic bone.

SITUATIONSHIP: If you’re not in a relationship, but you’re not just casually dating the person you’re seeing, you’re in a situationship, or a “complicated” type of relationship that could include being friends with benefits.

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS: Sure, you’re friends — and you’re definitely not dating — but you also occasionally cross the line when it’s convenient.

One dating foul is R-bombing, which involves reading a message without replying.

It's considered rude since it leaves the other person unsure how their romantic overtures might have been received.

As for whether these terms will stick around, Tagliamonte say’s there’s almost no chance.“These are things that are constantly being renewed, depending on the nature of the dating practice,” she said, adding the terms also vary across regions and not just generations.

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