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Daniel has a singular focus this morning: building a bridge and a house out of Lincoln Logs.

He does not notice as classmates step around or over him as he plays on the hard floor.

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The diagnosis of Aspergers and classroom accommodations must go hand in hand if the child is to be successful in the academic environment.

In many cases, children with Aspergers have above average intelligence, although this ability is often overlooked at first.

If other children move into his space, he pushes them away.

One or two children greet him, but he does not answer.

With patience and understanding, the educational experience can be a positive one.

There is a range of inclusive teaching strategies that can assist all students to learn but there are some specific strategies that are useful in teaching a group which includes students with mental illness.

Like other children with autism, Daniel would not understand the activities of the day without his schedule book.

When events change and the day does not correspond to his schedule, Daniel may lose control and throw a tantrum.

Bright lights and loud noises tend to be the most common distractions for kids with AS.

Intense focus on specific subjects can interfere with learning as well.

Social skill deficits need to be considered since many children with this disorder struggle to interact with their peers.

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