Accomodating autistic student in homework assignments

Social skill deficits need to be considered since many children with this disorder struggle to interact with their peers.Teachers can make special adjustments to make teaching and learning easier in the classroom setting.If other children move into his space, he pushes them away.

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Bright lights and loud noises tend to be the most common distractions for kids with AS.

Intense focus on specific subjects can interfere with learning as well.

He requires the support of an educational assistant every minute of the school day.

In the past–indeed, less than ten years ago–children like Daniel were rarely placed in mainstream classrooms to learn alongside their nondisabled peers.

Like other children with autism, Daniel would not understand the activities of the day without his schedule book.

When events change and the day does not correspond to his schedule, Daniel may lose control and throw a tantrum.As an educator, it is your job to maintain a classroom environment that is conducive to learning for every student regardless of his or her differences.While juggling a room full of students can be challenging, regardless of their abilities and ages, it can be especially challenging if you aren't prepared for the behavior characteristics and needs of a child with Asperger Syndrome.Daniel has a singular focus this morning: building a bridge and a house out of Lincoln Logs.He does not notice as classmates step around or over him as he plays on the hard floor.The first picture on the schedule is a locker, indicating that Daniel is to hang up his coat and backpack. He is charming, intelligent, creative, and full of energy, just like his 18 classmates.


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