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She wears skinny jeans, teamed with Rag & Bone boots and a cream-coloured Isabel Marant jacket.

Over the years she has dated several high-profile actors, including Nicolas Cage and Billy Bob Thornton – to whom she was engaged until he famously left her for Angelina Jolie.

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But, like me, they never really knew a mom and dad sitting down at the table for dinner every night.

So I think that creates an easier transition.” Dern’s own parents divorced when she was two and, in effect, her grandmother brought her up. I was so lucky to have her.” She spent many weekends in Malibu with her father, who famously “shot dead” John Wayne in The Cowboys (1972), and describes her childhood as happy – “although I was like any other kid who missed their mom because she had to work, but that was my only real negative”.

Aged seven, she was an extra on a Martin Scorsese film that her mother was shooting, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, eating an ice-cream cone in a scene at a diner.

The scene was shot 19 times and afterwards Scorsese said to her mother: “If she can eat an ice-cream cone 19 times, she’s got to be an actress.” Knowing that the job can entail repeated knockbacks, her parents tried to discourage their daughter, but Dern was smitten.

Most couples don’t hide that they fight from their children, whereas in our parents’ generation you hid everything.

A therapist would now tell you that it’s good to fight in front of them as long as they can see the resolution.

“A lot is made of nothing, to be honest.” In her last years of high school she spent a lot of time working on films, but had to be emancipated to be able to do it.

“People ask: ‘What was traumatic in your childhood that you needed to do that? Let’s be clear: my mom was just as overprotective after the emancipation as she was before.” Ladd and Dern have even acted together on several occasions and were both nominated for Oscars for Rambling Rose (1991).

It has been a challenging year for the actress Laura Dern.


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  3. Del Harvey, her screenname, is a member of Perverted-Justice, the online watchdog group dedicated to catching Internet sex predators.

  4. I you it’s because of the angle you’re coming from here – it wouldn’t hurt to take a different approach and open up a bit. I would bet the guy is legit, but he’s reserving himself for when you’re ready to relax and bit and let your guard down.

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