Dating christian men uk

They also recognised that men may not find the medium totally comfortable in that they find it harder than women to present themselves in writing: “bad at representing themselves through writing” and “profiles hopeless quality”.Men made far fewer generalised statements about women.

Just under 1 in 4 (24%) were negative in some way about their experiences and just over 1 in 8 (13%) were positive. I was on Fusion101 for three months and in that time one person wrote to me. It's not always practical to move house or job or travel.

The largest category of specific comment was about the need for potential partners to be local. I have used and met some lovely men of which I am still friends with most, however no-one lives in the area I do and it is hard to do long distance, men aren't interested in that.

There were more concerns about courtesy of making a response than complaints about sex, rudeness or other comments about behaviour. All comments were from women and concerned those of age 45 and above.

Some expected Christians to be more courteous in this regard than non-Christians. They say men look for child-bearing women who are younger and so only older men of no interests in that approach them.

Particularly for those women over 40, they noted that men were 'unrealistic' in wanting someone either '5-10 years younger' or '20 years younger' with whom to have children.

Others noted that they thought men didn't want women already with children.In real life, I am a popular guy and don't have too many problems getting dates, but most girls I contacted on Christian Connection just were not willing to give anything a chance – and often just openly admitted that they were "not ready".Comments that thoughtfully reflected their own individual behaviour or attitudes were further analysed.Again, these sites tend to have 'quality' men 40 years and under.Any 'quality' Christian men aged 50 who live anywhere near to me are few and far between.About meeting: “women are happy to email, but when it comes to meeting, suddenly decline”.

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