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) so eventually I had to drag him off the stage so the other speaker would still have a couple minutes!

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Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, this ex-broke musician launched himself onto the dating coaching scene with his ground-breakingly simple and pragmatic Natural Seduction principles that have transformed the sex lives of thousands of men worldwide.

Voted “The World’s Best Natural” at the World PUA Summit, he specializes in low-energy, high-investment, high-impact game.

What these coaches taught in those 2 days can shortcut any man’s journey to seductive success from years of trial-and-error, rejection and confusion, to Sasha Daygame: The One And Only! I went from THE social outcast in high school with yellow teeth to a wacky dating coach after spending over 8 years on the streets figuring out the whims and ways of women.

Here’s a sneak peek of what I revealed in the DDS 2-day seminar… Here’s the next coach who shared his insider information on how to be the Lothario women absolutely adore: Badboy: Europe’s Croatian Casanova!

He runs his own coaching company, The Worthy Playboy Institute, but I stole him away for a couple days to drop some pearls of wisdom.

Here’s what he gave away in his speeches: There’s even more to what Johnny said in the Direct Dating Summit (He’s got the ability to just talk for AGES!

Who is Steve Pavlina and why should you care about him?

All in all, these coaches gave away their best content. ) Anyways, I’m betting this is what you’re thinking right now… The guys who came to the original Direct Dating Summit paid from 0-00 and it sold out quickly.

It was like a 2 day orgy of self-development and success with women. Guys were spamming my inbox after I closed the application forms, saying that they’d .


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