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The flyers were from a non-existant group called Citizens for a Stronger South Side (CSSS).

The flyers were directed at Alderman Witkowiak alleging that he had forced bar owners to give him money and accused him of corruption.

Ruiz later described the two suspects on a Facebook comment.

Increased gay leadership in a receptive political environment, thankful for gay activist organizing helping to win eleven Assembly and four Senate seats in the last two election cycles makes this Wisconsins biggest gay story for 2008. He had strong financial support and volunteers from all walks of life making calls and knocking on door all over the 3rd District.

But in a heartbreakingly close April 1 defeat, openly-gay political activist and non-profit manager Patrick Flaherty lost his bid to become the citys first-ever openly-gay alderman by just 71 votes.

Overall turnout also may have hurt Flaherty, who had won 4,167 votes (31.8%) of the more than 13,000 cast in the February 19 primary that also included the hotly-contested Democratic Presidential race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Flaherty was also likely hurt when Sura Faraj, an openly-lesbian candidate who failed to make the primary cut in the 3rd District, threw her support to Kovac.

Faraj had questioned Flahertys openness about his sexuality in his campaign materials during the primary.

In late Spring, the website for LGBT Center of The Chippewa Valley went dark, followed by a mid-year board shake-up at the Eau-Claire based organization.

In a span of less than two months beginning in June, the Milwaukee LGBT Center announced then retracted the hiring of Milwaukee activist Paul Williams as communications director, followed closely by the severance of ties with its 501(c)4 arm - Center Advocates - in a move to focus more tightly on its core mission.Moreover, it marked the first time since 1986 that pro-LGBT equality majorities exist in both houses of the Legislature and an openly pro-gay chief executive lives in the Governors Mansion.Though the budget-busting 5.2 billion dollar state deficit and the ever deepening recession that face the new leadership may dampen enthusiasm for pro-gay initiatives, for the first time in over two decades Wisconsins LGBT civil rights leaders will not work in reactive mode to anti-gay legislative assaults - for the next two years at least.(CSSS flyer The officers on April 2nd spent almost three hours investigating the incident.But on Monday, Anne Schwartz, Media Director for MPD confirmed that the incident was discussed with the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office and they found that no city ordinance was violated in distributing a flyer from CSSS."We did an investigation, we discussed it with the district attorney, there was no crime committed.

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