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Due in large part for his efforts in coordinating the Democrats Assembly take back, openly-gay Madison Assembly Representative Mark Pocan also has emerged as one of Wisconsins most powerful political leaders.

His recent appointment to a top budget post on the legislatures Joint Finance Committee could result in more friendly response to a long sought-after package for UW-Madison (and possibly system-wide) employees: domestic partner benefits for committed but unmarried couples, including same-sex partners.

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There was no violation of a city ordinance in this case. Pixley from the Second Police District Station denied a request from HNNUSA to interview both Officers Lemke and Bunker about the April 2nd incident, since they didn't write a report.

"There was no police report generated from this incident because no crime was committed. Several questions were raised by HNNUSA, did the officers actually identified the two suspects distributing the flyers, was a warrant check done on both suspects and why isn't their identities being released by MPD?

Ruiz later described the two suspects on a Facebook comment.

Ruiz wrote, "One of the people..a Latino retired from the NAVY after 30 years of service and also fought for the freedoms we all experience today.

He is also a Block Captain in the 12th District..other person was a 22 years old Latina woman." The CSSS flyer even had in its disclaimer an address, which turned out to be one of Witkowiak's properties on W. The flyer was distributed with the acknowledgement of José Pérez who defeated Alderman Witkowiak on April 3rd.

Witkowiak has said, that he will pursue legal action against CSSS and those involved in distributing the defamation flyer on the 12th Aldermanic District.

In late Spring, the website for LGBT Center of The Chippewa Valley went dark, followed by a mid-year board shake-up at the Eau-Claire based organization.

In a span of less than two months beginning in June, the Milwaukee LGBT Center announced then retracted the hiring of Milwaukee activist Paul Williams as communications director, followed closely by the severance of ties with its 501(c)4 arm - Center Advocates - in a move to focus more tightly on its core mission.

But even before the mid-September Wall Street meltdown, sharp-eyed observers knew something was up among the states gay not-for-profits and businesses even if they werent necessarily admitting their problems openly and directly. Changes in the industry and franchise competition were blamed.

Things began when, after 24 years, one the of oldest mom & pop video stores in the Midwest, the gay-friendly RSE Video Discount Superstore, 118 E. However, not-for-profits showed more widespread signs of distress.

However, Flahertys record of successes in securing greater equality for the LGBT community both in Milwaukee and statewide will be a legacy few other activists anywhere in Wisconsin will be able to match.


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