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The Hall was restored in connection with the European Architectural Heritage Year (1975) and contains a small museum of artifacts excavated on the Rock of Cashel.The earliest and most lofty of the Cashel edifices is the round tower next to the cathedral's north transept.A decade later, in 1111, Cashel became the seat of an archbishop.

Its decoration is in the Hiberno-Scandinavia Urnes style of the early 12th century, featuring interlaced beasts and serpents.

The sarcophagus probably originally stood in the 12th-century cathedral, which no longer survives.

Begun in 1127, it is a very sophisticated structure, unlike most Irish Romanesque churches which are very simple in plan with limited decoration.

It has two square towers flanking the east end of the nave, which may suggest Germanic influences or may be an adaptation of the Irish round tower.

The nave is much shorter than the choir and clearly was never completed.

The short nave was reduced a bit more in the 15th century, when a five-story castle (tower-house) was added to the west end as a residence for the archbishop.It originally faced the west end of the 12th-century cathedral.Rising 28 m (90 feet) high and dating from shortly after 1100, it is a well-preserved example with six floors.The tomb was discovered in the north transept of the present cathedral in the 19th century.The cathedral, built between 12, is an aisleless (and roofless) building of cruciform plan with a central tower.These depict narrative scenes such as the Nativity, and their sophistication suggests the artists were from England or Normandy.

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