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57% of information-seeking (“passive” e-government users) study participants reported that their trust in the government’s e-system stemmed directly from their trust in their government.Furthermore, while trust in technology was important to the 43% of “active” users (those with greater stakes and involvement in e-government transactions—e.g.

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While service quality is important for “active user” satisfaction, the most critical factor for continued use of an e-system by both active and passive users is the quality of the information provided on the site.

“Informational inconsistencies or errors are tantamount to broken promises; they are extremely harmful,” says Srivastava.

• E-government offers many business advantages, including transparency, and quick and easy means to fulfill administrative obligations.

While the issue of trust has often been consider­ed with regard to online commerce, Shirish Srivastava points out that it has rarely been studied in the context of e-government1.

But they discovered that the former is the most important factor.

E-System Use: a Matter of Trust Srivastava says the biggest surprise of the study was to find that trust in technology is not as important to e-government users as trust in the government.

REF2021 - Read more Here are a variety of topics about which researchers & staff regularly seek information The University has prepared several publications, handbooks and documents to help guide research students through their degree programmes.

While both are rigorous, doctoral-level programs that involve understanding advanced concepts and conducting research, the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) and Ph D in Business/Ph D in Economics programs differ greatly in their focus, candidate profile and career outcomes.

The effectiveness of the system was demonstrated when the issue of casino legal­ization was presented to the public.

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