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The Cornish nationalist movement contests the present constitutional status of Cornwall and seeks greater autonomy within the United Kingdom in the form of a devolved legislative Cornish Assembly and powers similar to those in Wales and Scotland.First inhabited in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods, Cornwall continued to be occupied by Neolithic and then Bronze Age peoples, and later (in the Iron Age) by Brythons with strong trade and cultural links to Wales and Brittany.

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The area is noted for its wild moorland landscapes, its long and varied coastline, its attractive villages, its many place-names derived from the Cornish language, and its very mild climate.

Extensive stretches of Cornwall's coastline, and Bodmin Moor, are protected as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is regarded as the county flag by Cornwall Council.

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A large part of the Cornubian batholith is within Cornwall.

The north coast has many cliffs where exposed geological formations are studied.Cornwall has a population of 556,000 and covers an area of 3,563 km The county has been administered since 2009 by the unitary authority, Cornwall Council.The ceremonial county of Cornwall also includes the Isles of Scilly, which are administered separately.Cornwall forms the tip of the south-west peninsula of the island of Great Britain, and is therefore exposed to the full force of the prevailing winds that blow in from the Atlantic Ocean.The coastline is composed mainly of resistant rocks that give rise in many places to tall cliffs.Subsequently, china clay extraction became more important and metal mining had virtually ended by the 1990s.


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