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There are various tweets that imply that Simphiwe Dana is an alcoholic and has slept her way to the top, Simphiwe distances herself from these tweets as they are false and are defamatory.Moving forward, Simphiwe Dana will be taking legal action against Ntsiki Mazwai for her tweets, as they may cause irreparable reputational damage to her personal brand and that of other brands that are in partnership with Ms Dana.One of my favorite South African singers Simphiwe Dana has finally returned on the music scene with her long awaited single titled; 'Nzima', which serves as the first offering from her upcoming fourth album.

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“By saying ‘we’re all responsible’ Dana also said ‘no one’s responsible’.

“In the song she mystifies who is at fault by appealing to God, and refuses to apportion blame to the ANC.” Mngxitama said because Dana refused to accept that the ANC was responsible for the Marikana massacre he would continue calling her out in public spaces.

UPDATEHowever, shortly after the story was published, Simphiwe’s team sent a statement confirming that the award-winning musician will be taking legal action against Ntsiki.

Here’s the full statement: It has been noted that Simphiwe Dana has been at the receiving end of Ntsiki Mazwai’s tweets from Monday 01 February 2016 with tweets defaming her character.

A review in The Times newspaper said Dana references the traditional Xhosa choir song Bawo, Thixo Somandla [Father, God Almighty], singing: “Emhlaben’ sibuthwel’ ubunzima, Bawo, Thixo Somandla” [In this world, we are bearing hardships, Father, God Almighty].

Mngxitama accused Dana of “whitewashing” the massacre by apparently blaming God for the deaths of the miners instead of the ANC. Dana recently tweeted her allegiance to the ruling party. Dana was quick to respond, calling Mngxitama “a dangerous liar” and “no Biko-ist”.

But also in an affirmative way that makes me feel stronger." Simphiwe said that she 's had to teach herself new ways of dealing with emotional or psychological issues.

The singer said that historically, for most people (in black communities) it was a burden to deal with issues such as illnesses like depression when the financial, social, politically and things like colonialism and apartheid seemed more "pressing".

This time, the controversial personality is spilling all the “tea” about Simphiwe Dana.

The accusations were made on Twitter on Wednesday morning.

Speaking to Tshisa LIVE the songstress shared that she's been told by some of her supporters that her music has rescued them when the world overwhelmed them and that she shares the same sentiments. I write music as a form of healing for myself and I guess that is why I mainly write my own songs, because for me it's therapy.


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