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An old school/church is across the road in the middle of the field, coinciding with the graves.This was an old hospital in the 1940's, and many people died here.

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Before all this there was a cold chill by the basement cellar.

Even though the heat was on the beds where always ice cold and the moaning coming from the cellar sounded like a man with a deep voice.

Where you get your construction leads from matters.

The Green Sheet team is comprised of local researchers who are experts in their territories.

There is no speed limit in the highway so lots of people have gotten car accidents or death.

People have sworn to see ghosts pop out while driving then end up having accidents. People swear that they see a woman walking around the upper floor of the house (which is closed to the public).

At one point a few hundred years ago before it was a community it used to be a battlefield, as where probably why strange things sometimes happen.

It is a small native community about 1hr and 45min outside of Edmonton, it has been said that the school was built over an old native burial ground it also been reported that a dark shadow like figure seems to hang around in the library day or night and there is always a feeling of being watched in the school.

Please if you are going anywhere else trying to pass the highway, drive with care. She seems peaceful and has never presented a threat.

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