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Prince Rama’s Xtreme Now (in stores March 4, 2016) is the inaugural entry into what the band have coined as the “Extreme Sports Genre.” Inspired to musically match the metaphysical intensity of extreme sports’ death-defying feats, Prince Rama looked to their own personal flirtations with death and time-dilation.

I thought that the 63 MB driver package would have a few tools and mixer controls, in order to allow this basic and well needed feature - you know, like they always USE to have. to make room for fiber connections and, not one, not two, but 4 output connectors for the 0.00% of us that have a truely 7. I would not complain if Creative still produced the classic functions and ADDED the above, but to make a product LESS functional, is asinine!? Because Creative is stil the best - not doubt in my mind .

All you get is one, that's right, ONLY ONE gui tool, and that does not even allow you to manage it's product, as they had the past. I have a Canopus professtional capture card and it uses a mini-jack output connector, allowing you to feed the audio to a soundcard, for monitoring the recording.

Thnanks to your post, I went ahead and uninstalled the older blaster card and re-installed the X-Fi . Later on after digging further we managed to confirmed for him/her that indeed the mode made available to this particular X-Fi model is just the Entertainment Mode alone.

Originally, I didn't even look for my CD to get drivers - I went right to the exact location you linked, selected XP, and downloaded the "PCIe Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Pack .03.0002" - and this is all I get:? He/she said he/she had tried everything and still could not switch to any other mode except the Entertainment Mode.

To make matters worse, Creative thought it "revolutionary" to morph the line in and microphone into one imput jack . Luckily, I have a couple of spare Li've Value and Audigy cards I kept my hands on, so now I'm having to depend upon a 5-year-old product to stay video-editing functional, not to mention, listen to other devices in my arsenal of PCs and audio gear.

However, you can still use the "Line In" function by clicking the small blue arrow near the slider marked as REC (while you are in the mixer) and change it to line in.

Thanks to the Internet, we live in a golden age of romance–especially if you’re of the kinky persuasion. He’s willing to travel to every state in the Gulf Coast region. There’s something endearing about this man’s willingness to answer every letter he gets.

No matter who you are, (or what you’re into), you can find people with similar interests, without having to even leave your couch! Obviously things haven’t always been this way, and if you look at these dating profiles from the 1960’s (thanks to our friends at Flashbak), you’ll see how far we’ve come. This was a time when a minuscule percentage of people even knew what kinky stuff was.

Hey ladies, don’t waste this guy’s time asking for pics unless you’re willing to pay the postage. This is what people did before Craigslist Missed Connections. (Even if he does need help choosing a profile pic.) 9.

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