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“The stream of the ceaseless change of things in order to give it the style that it lacks; in other words, the novel.

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• GV2 : Ticket must be issued for minimum of two adults. • Our company reserve the right to cancel your reservation and payment in case the booking you made is not follow the condition of air fare.

All passengers in the group must travel same flight / date on both outbound & inbound sectors. Translated into English language : Chawanlak Kaothong, Thailand Whispering from Pine Tree Page 1-7 (Summarization) In wondering : why does the silence of pine tree’s forest surrounding Chin P’ing valley have the man’s voice?

News and Differences :there; a published press a mass media has been the appreciative meant to passages insights.

Concerto for listener’s the lines from introduction is the profound measure of analysis, and justices and the light for found of nurtures for parts for composition for orally and gestured-languages. Existentialism Concepts and terms with various influences for writings of the existentialism of philosophers’ as Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Hieifegger, Binswanger, Boss, Jaspers, Sartre, Vamus, Frankl, and Tillich, that have been as the mentioned for composition So there are more things into uses on words for thoughts and analyses: Thoughts are for mind that representing with hemispheres for brain, head and calling into-consciousness-five for seen, heard for feelings.

Should not think for the entire things Gao framed of criticism of to thing should onwards for masterpieces.” Rhetoric of Soundness for the reasons’s Gao philosophies’ era for past therefore with newest art had been replaced; the arts were ended with last for introduced things for all whole substitution.

He was the artist for enlightenment for meant to be as the dominance for stating the humanities’ traditions, literature and literacy on worthiness.Kong Beng is the entrance of destiny for Zhu for plans to war. Thirty three soldiers are the arms for against opponents.“Elderness; the one with defeated of dignity and gracefulness; said the old wise man for battle.” Ju-Long nodded then said; the aging of all man here; ” Marquis of Chieng Ping” is the Ju-Long’s won for no blame.Concrete; denotes all thinkers applies for themselves with acts to signify matters. Forster in aspects of the novel (1927) living in the same place.Abstract : defines thoughts with direct issues for critical ways for acts and modes of immediate to pass validity. (Gao’s Work) this is the representation for Albert Camus.(Camus: 1951: 224)” Chapter 3 Dear Diary 20 July, 2016 “Poorness-at least that is not the afterwards of always : for that poorness with Golden rich real happiness from beware—” Three San Kok (Yakob) Chawanlak–Thai-English Translator Thievish from Tiang Ban Hill Across from Yang River Side the Bank-The Little Boat it was traveling.


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