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Gary: But will someone's hands, mouth etc give a woman as much pleasure as an erect penis would? Most women (with vulvas) can't orgasm from just a penis in the vagina. Gary: So if I ejaculate too early, I can use my fingers? Ollie: My last sexual and romantic partner was years ago.Since then I've abstained from the dating scene because I needed to seriously work on myself (including one nervous breakdown) and I have gotten better since then.

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Liam: I don't want to be in an embarrassing situation, so any ideas where I can secretly store condoms?

Ollie: I just keep mine in my underwear drawer (aside from the couple I always have to hand in my wallet).

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Daniel: It's been a few months since I last had sex.

When I consider the time passed since my last coupling I wonder if I should be upfront with a future partner about how far off the pace I am? Justin: Any future dates you have are with the 'present you'.

You don't need to explain absolutely everything to someone straight away.If you're over 18, you could also try online dating. Here's another one about chatting to people in real life.When it comes to the bedroom department, just take everything one stage at a time.Being single is no better or worse than being in a relationship, despite what anyone might tell you. But as for asking someone out, do you spend time with people you might want a relationship with?Try getting out a bit more and chatting to people - even if it's just for the sake of chatting.Try and be 'in the present' and not worry too much about what might happen next.


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