New dating website grazia max and erin andrews dating

The dating site analysed what books generated most interest with users, and the results are pretty enlightening.

And if you haven’t noticed, they seem to be quite an active nation too.

*Puts down doughnut Mumbai – The newcomers According to our spy in the Indian capital, while matrimonial websites are commonplace, dating apps are still relatively new to Indian singletons.

Think along the lines of using a profile picture that's five years out of date or heavily Face-Tuned, knocking a few years off your age, adding a couple of inches to your height or maybe just lying about that 4.9 Uber rating.

Some of these habits might not seem particularly insidious when take in isolation (' Why waste those holiday photos from summer 2013?

Here’s hoping our matches will take us with them next time.

Cape Town – Into The Wild We blame it on the mountain.

“It’s universally known that they’re likely to disappear after the third date,” says one Londoner. But don’t expect them to want to settle down – apparently most of the guys are “just looking for fun”.

Milan – Model Men It’s one of the fashion capitals of the world so it’s no surprise that the Italian stallions all look like they come from the pages of some of our favourite glossies.

It may take a real heartthrob to get us to hang up our heels and go for a hike with him.

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