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This more than makes up for the beach, which is plagued by jellyfish and jet-skis.

Malaysian moments: Macaque monkeys (left), as seen by Kate in landslide mode at the Batu Caves - and (right), the Thean Hou Chinese Temple, another wonderful (and highly colourful) slice of religious heritage in central KLThe food is every bit as good as we were promised.

We tuck into tender satay and steaming soup at the hawker centres.

i'm inviting those people who are tired of living the city lives and are interested to come n join me to live off the grid in Mala..

I have roast chestnuts up one nostril, grilled fish up the other. The Malays have lived on the land since ancient times, while the majority of the Indians and Chinese arrived during British rule from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

Findings are based on qualitative research consisting of semi-structured interviews with industry leaders from assorted sectors.

Tourism in Penang emerges as vulnerable to regional and global events which act as a trigger for tourism crises, demanding a response in which various strategies are employed.

We keep an eye out for killer serpents we learnt about at the Snake Temple.

When we find the temperature too stifling, we head up Penang Hill where it's a few degrees cooler.

The destination is also seen to recover fairly quickly from experiences of crises, but a well designed and formulated tourism crisis management plan under the stewardship of the public sector is necessary to mitigate further damage in the future.

Mutiara, the premier hotel and resorts chain cultured by the warm and friendly Malaysian hospitality, complementing with international standards of accommodation and services is one of the Company’s crown jewel.

These Hindu temples built into cliffs are a short train ride north of KL.

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