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70% of the body is double sided galvanized steel Wear and adjustment: 12 month/12,000 mile Airbags Driver's knee airbag (new on the 2015 model) Front Airbags, dual front airbags Side Airbags: front driver and passenger side airbags Curtain Airbags: front and rear side curtain Side Curtain Airbags, front and rear driver and passenger Impact sensing fuel cutoff Front headrests- new tilt and height adjustable VDC (vehicle dynamics control) stability control, with TCS (traction control system) with off button Brakes: anti-lock disc brakes Brake Override (BOS) step on both the brake and gas pedals, and the car stops (new on 2015 model) Collapsible Foot Pedals: reduce risk to feet in accidents Brakes: 4 wheel disc Brakes: EBD, electronic brake force distribution varies front/rear brake power Brakes: low-wear indicators on disc brakes Brake Assist: boosts the brake power when the driver cannot depress the brake pedal strongly Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).Summer tire and what it means tires designed for warmer temperatures and high stress use and are not good in inclement weather.

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In this photos the left and right yellow dots indicate lane sway (one sit would indicate lane drift), and the center green light shows that Eyesight active cruise control is being used.

2018 Subaru WRX Eyesight Assist Monitor shines small lights on the lower windshield in in front of the driver.

Inspect all hoses, belts, brakes pads, and fluids including CVT fluid 36,000 miles/36 months - oil/filter service and tire rotation 42,000 miles/42 months - oil/filter service and tire rotation, replace cabin air filter 48,000 miles/48 months - minor service: inspect all fluids and engine air filter, replace oil/filter, rotate tires 54,000 miles/54 months - oil/filter service and tire rotation 60,000 miles/60 months- repeat 30,000 miles service plus spark plug replacement 72,000 miles/72 months- oil/filter service, rotate tires, replace fuel filter 90,000 miles/90 months: repeat 30,000 mile service.

96,000 miles/96 months- STI only replace the timing belt.

If you like and use the site, please help spread the word and mention I've been selling Subarus in the Shoreline -North Seattle, Puget Sound and greater Northwest area since 1996 so if you're buying, or thinking of buying, please contact me at 206 769-7821- this unofficial independent, unauthorized Subaru research website is by Joe Spitz who is solely responsible for all content.

Its designed to help you learn about Subarus and is not authorized, approved, sponsored, or supported in any way by Subaru or any Subaru dealer anywhere.The radar units send out signals to detect vehicles behind and to each side of the Subaru vehicle, especially those vehicles that might not be visible in the rearview mirrors.Lane Change Assist (LCA), at speeds over 6mph, it looks for vehicles farther back in an adjacent lane – about 220 feet behind the Subaru vehicle.Synthetic 5w-30 Synthetic Oil is required for all turbo engines.Subaru brand oil is available and recommended New Car 1000 mile break-in period keep RPMs under 4000, vary speeds, avoid hard starts/stops Oil Service requires Synthetic 5w-30 oil Under these or similar conditions, you should check your oil at least every 2nd fuel fill-up and change your engine oil more frequently.If your oil consumption rate is greater than 1 quart every 1,200 miles or 1 liter every 2,000 kilometers, contact your Subaru dealer who may perform a test under controlled conditions.


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