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On October 4, the Midtown night spot will host a 10th anniversary screening of the film and a pre-show talkback.

Director Todd Graff will be joined onstage by principal players including two-time Tony nominee Robin De Jesus, who played Michael Flores; The Voice contestant and alum Sasha Allen, who played Dee; Joanna Chilcoat, who played Ellen Lucas; Steven Cutts, who played Shaun; Stephen Dimenna, who played Glen; Brittany Pollack, who played Brittany; and pianist Brad Simmons.

For instance, when Ethan decides at the last minute to break up a wedding, he stops midpoint to browse a catalogue and place a phone order. Likewise, in the end Ethan doesn't seem to find Mr.

See more » In THE MOSTLY UNFABULOUS SOCIAL LIFE OF ETHAN GREEN, there is one great laugh: As two of the characters argue with each other in a bookstore, all the shelves are packed tight, except the one marked "Lesbian Humor," which only has one volume.

Okay, it's not a great laugh, but it is a nice little chuckle.

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Date Removed: 9th July 2017 Available for: Unknown Description: Kids at a performing arts camp learn to spread their wings -- and their director finds they have nearly as much to teach him as he has to teach them.

And even his strangely anonymous suburban home is devoid of evidence of his existence, without so much as a MOULIN ROUGE!

movie poster or a Streisand album in sight to indicate a gay man is on the premises.

But Letterle, who made such a winning impression in CAMP, brings no charisma to Ethan and thus, no focus. Despite a few discreetly suggestive sex scenes, there is no passion, let alone urgency, to the story or between any of the characters.

And I don't think it is entirely Letterle's fault, since he seems to be playing the part as written. For a movie filmed in less than two weeks, ETHAN GREEN is surprisingly well made technically, but first-time director George Bamber can't conjure up any eagerness to please. If neither Ethan nor the film are fabulous, it is because neither have made the effort.

His lovers, past and present, include a hot Latino boytoy (to whom Ethan's mother plays fag hag); a nerdy bookstore owner; a fresh-out-of-the-closet professional jock; and a 19-year-old sexually adventurous twink, all of whom are hung up on Ethan to some degree -- though God knows why.

There is also a gay Republican, which the story treats as a perpetual joke, (and the less said about The Hat Sisters, a pair of burly aging transvestites, the better).

And the viewers should be grateful for that, because otherwise as a romantic comedy ETHAN GREEN is pretty skimpy with both the romance and the comedy.


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