Creative dating personal ads examples

So whatever you write, invest time and effort into getting it right. Always use a word processor for your work, then cut and paste it into the site profile or ad (even if answering questions).

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For example, if you passionately hate cats to the extent that you couldn’t date someone with one, it’s sensible to say so.

If there are moral, religious or social factors which are important to you, that would be “deal-breakers” in deciding whether to meet someone or not, make sure you mention them - positively.

A positive, cheerful profile will show you’re a cheerful happy person.

A funny profile will say more about your sense of humor than “GSOH” (good sense of humor).

It will help you to avoid the situation of spending time getting to know and like someone, only to discover some fundamental incompatibility later. Be descriptive about things that are important to you.

“I like walking in the countryside, dining out and socializing.” Who doesn’t? Instead of “I love family life,” say “I have a great family and we have fun socializing together.” It sounds much more attractive. It may be very tempting to give white lie about your age (after all, you LOOK younger…), your weight (it’ll be gone soon…) or habits (well, I used to go to the gym 4 times a week…) but remember, people are making choices based on what you say, and will only feel let down when they discover the truth.

It’s better to spend a little time browsing profiles of prospects you might be interested in, and picking out the ones you like best to identify what it is that is attractive about them.

Then try to work these things into your own profile or ad as things you’re interested in or looking for.

It’s often a waste of time looking at profiles of your competition.

They may look great to you, but you don’t know what type of responses they’re getting, and so copying isn’t necessarily a good idea.

Hearing someone’s voice can be an excellent barometer of whether or not they’d be suitable.


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