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The NEO 7 is tiny, barely larger than the ceramic antenna and at a cost of less than £6 post paid I wasn’t expecting too much.

The unit is 3.3volt and so would need a logic level converter in the Tx and Rx lines and I used one that supplies 3.3 volts at 500ma to power the GPS.

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Taking the project back inside the house the LEDs remained lit and the GPS retained its lock, something that none of my other units had done without an active antenna.

The Ublox NEO 7 does not have a backup battery, so any changes made to the baud rate etc will be lost when the power is removed.

There are six connections, but only four (Ground, 3.3 volts, Tx and Rx) are used, the outside two are not used. To test how quickly the NEO 7 could get a fix I simply connected the Ground and 3.3 volt pins to the Arduino and the Red power LED lit up, there were two other LEDs one on the underside and another alongside the ceramic antenna on the top of the board.

Neither of these two were lit and I assumed that they would light when the NEO 7 had a GPS fix.

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I ordered a Ublox NEO 7 from a Chinese source in late August. There were times when I thought it had gone missing and I was about to contact the supplier.

The LEDs remained unlit and after 5 minutes I took the Arduino and NEO 7 connected to a power block outside.

In less than 30 seconds the two green LEDs lit, showing the unit had a fix.

It seems that there is a version, the Ublox NEO 7N, that stores changes in flash memory (according to the data sheet).

The module comes set at 4800 baud, updating once per second and the output is a little slow, but if the baud rate is set to 9600 and the refresh changed to at least twice a second then the output is quite quick.

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