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Volunteering and Charity : We have established a Health program along the Kokoda Track, bringing Doctors and Nurses to this remote part of PNG 4 times a year.

The incident had occurred in September but was only reported to police in October.

According to police reports, the victims allegedly were badly beaten, tied up with ropes, and dragged for several miles before being thrown into the fast-flowing river.

This is signed both them and us and spans a 12 month period.

Each year we also send 10 of our team to Australia for 2 weeks as a cultural exchange.

We promise 'A Fair Deal' and 'Volunteering and Charity'Fair Deal : All our local team are paid above the Kokoda Track Authority's recommended amount.

Each team member is given a contract which outlines all their duties and conditions.

This is positive because it really is giving them the fair deal that they deserve.

They know what they are doing and are paid a good amount.

All guest are informed of the need to dispose of their personal waste in a conscientious manner.

Waste from food such as plastics, glass and aluminium are all taken away from the Track and disposed of in Port Moresby at the local refuge station.

However, public concern about police violence persisted.

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