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I don't need to research, but I've got plenty of people who tell me things.

The sex is great, all he cares about is my pleasure but wont admit it to anyone beside the two of us. I am usually a true swinger because I could read people very well and know who is full of it and who is not, me a true Scorpio girl. He keeps on trying, but now when I gave him my 100% attention, it seems that he's carried away, hidden in his world. The way they are attentive to you when you are sick.

I never thought that I would be falling for one since I always thought that a Cancer man is the best. I've tried to reach him, to let him know that I care about him too. The way they worry about you when you are out late etc.

I agree with all the above comments; truth be told, I believe this guy is worth it, so I will be patient and supportive of him. We met up again tonight and he flirted with my friend, but he likes me. I understand his personality but I'm making sure he feels the same way about me.

There have been a couple of occasions, where I have wanted to throw the towel in the ring and call it quits. His Venus is in Scorpio, so we are a perfect match. XX I am with a Capricorn, we've been together for almost two years. I give him love and attention all that he needs most of all I am a typical classy woman...

If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. We had chemistry and a certain comfort between us, but he was just out of a very chaotic relationship, and I just couldn't break that wall.

I met a Capricorn man and I was blown away by how intense it was! I had to throw in the towel cause I don't really have time to waste, especially when he couldn't even really let me know his feelings for me. I DATED A Scorpio AND THE ONLY THING WE WERE COMPATIBLE WITH WAS THE SEX PART OF OUR RELATIONSHIP.

He is also very concerned about me, he has a sensitive side but at the same time he doesn't show it often.

Sometimes he can be very indecisive too and I hate that about him.

I am a deep Scorpio and I am proud to say that I am one, but he made me feel like he was in charge all the time and we had to do everything his way. lol It turns out that he was soo insecure, he wouldn't trust me and I ended up not seeing any of my friends or barely seeing my own family (I even live with them! I know that he was eyeing up some other girl, us Scorpios just know by our gut instinct, and it was right!

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