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In 1999, Evernham won the NASCAR Winston Cup and also illustrated as "Person of the year.' However, he has been crashed out and damaged his brain stem, which left depth perception impairment.

His drive to succeed in motorsports has created opportunities in both the auto racing and technology industries.

His thumbprint also remains on engineering systems used throughout the industry.

Late in the 2009 season, RPM announced it was to merge with Yates Racing.

In last 2010, Evernham sold his remaining share in the operation.

Teamed up with Daimler Chrysler performance brand Dodge, Evernham spearheaded the unproven manufacturer's re-entry to NASCAR racing from start to finish.

In less than 500 days, Evernham Motorsports was a reality.

They suggested that Ford might find Evernham another assignment outside of NASCAR's top division.

Jeff Gordon has just become a Ford driver, and he had mentioned that he would like to work with Evernham again.

"But Ford paid my salary to go and work for Bill Davis because Jeff wanted me so badly." Evernham remained the crew chief for Gordon after he moved up into the Winston Cup from the final race of the 1992 season to 1999.

Gordon and Evernham won 47 Cup races, 3 cup championships (1995, 1997, 1998) and were the dominant team in NASCAR Cup competition at the time.

Ray Evernham was born in Hazlet, started New Jersey on 26 August 1957.

He was fascinated by automobiles as a child and started racing modifieds at the age of fourteen.

His technical skill was more impressive than his driving abilities.


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