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Our academy can include a 45 hour special Jet transition training, where pilots who already earned their CPL, complete a 45-hours jet flight training on our in-house Bombardier CRJ-200 simulator.

Students enjoy a flying weather 365 days a year with very little or no weather-related interruptions.

Therefore, our students no issues completing their flight training programs on time.

These letters could be used as valuable supporting documents when applying for employment with any regional and international airlines.

As you can see, our FPAP-1 flight training program is not just about the flight training: it's a completely integrated and encompassing educational and career development tool which is imperative for anyone who wants to achieve success in the modern aviation industry and become an airline pilot within the shortest time-frame possible.

Al our graduates are offered advanced internship and then a conditional employment with Global Air Ferry.

This employment has three main benefits to the pilots: 1) Pilots have an opportunity to continue gaining their flight time through the international cross-country flight experience; 2) pilots get a higher visa approval rates 3) pilots can put this employment as the second professional aviation job in their resumes.

Pilots are also offered advanced internship as international ferry pilots and airline pilots in the United States for two years, while on F-1 visa OPT work permit.

Our FTP is a fully-accredited aeronautical college.

As mentioned above, our graduates will, effectively, have two guaranteed employments right after they complete the flight training program: flight instructor internship with the Aviator College in the United States and international ferry pilot employment with the Global Air Ferry.

Based on these employments, graduates will receive three excellent recommendation letters from Aerocadet, from Aviator College and from Global Air Ferry.

This internship allows our graduates to build enough flight time to qualify for a full and unrestricted FAA Airline transport Pilot License.


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