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However, we are able to offer you this program because our FTP is an accredited aeronautical college with a special permission from the ministry of immigration to issue students academic visas (type F-1).Such visa allows our students to study and, after the achievement of CPL and CFI licenses, undergo a structured pilot internship.

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The program is unique to our flight training institution.

A very few flight training facilities in the World offer a full Airline Transport Pilot License program because it requires at least 1500 hours of flight time in various flight regimes.

Our ATPL program is an integrated flight training course from Zero to ICAO Airline Transport Pilot License with Instrument and Multi-engine ratings (CPL/ME/IR), Jet Transition course and Flight Instructor rating.

The goal of any student pilot is to achieve sufficient flight time and aeronautical experience to become employable by the airlines.

Academic credits earned while studying can be transferred to any other college or university after completion of flight training program, if student wishes to persue advanced degree.

Our flight training facilities are located in Florida, United States.

As mentioned above, our graduates will, effectively, have two guaranteed employments right after they complete the flight training program: flight instructor internship with the Aviator College in the United States and international ferry pilot employment with the Global Air Ferry.

Based on these employments, graduates will receive three excellent recommendation letters from Aerocadet, from Aviator College and from Global Air Ferry.

Our academy can include a 45 hour special Jet transition training, where pilots who already earned their CPL, complete a 45-hours jet flight training on our in-house Bombardier CRJ-200 simulator.

This course gives our graduates an immense advantage over the competition when applying for employment with the airlines.

This internship allows our graduates to build enough flight time to qualify for a full and unrestricted FAA Airline transport Pilot License.


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