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Joan was burned for assisting Britain's enemy as said earlier by Cyrus, so she says she is the original girl on fire, which is a compliment in the novels.) When it comes to bad bitches, I'm the patron saint, (A patron saint is one chosen to represent and keep watch over a group of people or things, as St.

Francis of Assisi is said to have defended animals and the poor.

(Joan of Arc, believed to have been a witch for being said to have visions in order to lead the French army, was tied to a stake and then burned by the English armies that overtook France.) Had enough? (A reference to Cyrus family farm, where she grew up.

Cyrus once posted that she received a text message from rapper Wiz Khalifa, which is technically a call between cell phones.

This could also be a reference to the Mike Wi LL Made-It song "23" in which both Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa appear.

She explained her reasons for "killing" the character in an interview.

She believes that she has already won this battle before Joan even takes a turn, as "to kill [something]" means that the thing referred to has been mastered in full.) Lord, forgive me for the words I speak.

Billy Ray Cyrus only taught Cyrus about music.) Your highest calling was a text from Wiz Khalifa!

(Joan claimed at trial that she was "called" by three saints in a dream to drive the English out of France, much as a priest or pastor must be summoned to serve his people through God and which would be from a very "high" position of authority.It could also reference Joan's nickname "La Pucelle d'Orléans", Pucelle being a modern French word for "virgin girl".Cyrus thinks Joan does not know who she is up against since Cyrus is not a virgin.) It's Miley Cyrus; I'm the hottest thing since Britney, bitch!Fans often want an autograph, so to get one, a fan must wait in line.Because Joan is here to diss her, Cyrus directs her to the many people that do like her.) 'Cause I'm all twerk; I got all day (Cyrus thrust the "twerk" dance into the spotlight, though the dance was already gaining popularity among girls in small circles despite being sex-forward.Wiz Khalifa is known for getting high on drugs, so this could be her "highest" calling.) You gotta die for something, Miley.


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