Sin of dating in islam

All religions are moving toward pluralism and universalism.

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He very well could be a Catholic with Jewish blood who will be brought up in a Middle-East country.

Thus, he will appeal to all three religions and fulfill their expectations.

figure when incarnated by Satan will claim to be Zeus and will have supernatural help from fallen angels.

Nevertheless, subtly Satan has established a worldwide foundation for his monotheistic world religion with himself as God and this foundation is called figure out of the area of the Roman Empire.

I will start with a slightly modified excerpt from my article on Islam: ic peoples in Europe in concentration camps.

In order for this round up to be successful these States will have to become police states.I still believe that harlot Christianity will be the head religion that rides on the back of the Beast of Revelation chapter 17. At the mid-point of the seven years the Beast claims to be greater then anything called God and all people that do not love the truth will buy into the lie through his deception.Nevertheless, is setting the foundation for that intolerant religion all over the world.He will lead them to take over the world and set up a world kingdom called by God, “Babylon the Great” but after but if all scripture is taken into account it really does not fit.It is all too simplistic, just like those who thought Hitler’s Fascism or Communism were the demonic movements that would bring in the is Assyrian.I get emails asking me if I believe the Antichrist will be Islamic.


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