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I’m fine with it and hope my husband will be too when she feels comfortable talking to him about it.

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If you failed to show up after that, you might wander down to the laundry room to find your wet clothes turned out on the folding table, and no one but yourself to blame.

Consider asking your landlord to post a sign in the laundry room if they haven’t already, so that everyone’s clear on the building’s policy. The machine helpfully flashes 34 MINUTES (or thereabouts) at you upon starting up; it’s incumbent upon the washer to keep track of how long they’re tying up a machine.

My official ruling is this: if someone’s clothes are finished and they’re not there to retrieve them, go ahead and pull their clothes out (into a free dryer if they’re clean but not dry, onto a clean surface in the laundry room if they’re finished) with a clear conscience, regardless of whether it’s been 30 seconds or 30 minutes.

Leave a note, if possible, and don’t just throw clean clothes all over the floor in a fit of pique, but if the machine has finished its cycle, it’s fair game.

Neither of you work for your former boss anymore, and she’s clearly comfortable inviting old colleagues she doesn’t see much anymore to her wedding. : I have a older (foreign-born) co-worker who is physically affectionate toward me in ways that make me uncomfortable.

If you want to feel her out, feel free to drop the fact that you’re dating your old boss in (non-wedding-related) conversation, but you don’t have to clear your plus-one with her, especially since you have no reason to think there’s any animosity between the two of them. He began with “side-hugs” and then kisses on my forehead, and at first I thought I was respecting his culture by not objecting, but it has been more frequent and his kisses leave wetness behind. I turn away, pull back, and have mentioned he is “hurting me” (loudly) when he has hugged me, thinking someone would overhear and step in.

I don’t remember them having any problems with each other and my partner was generally well-liked as a boss.

But I’ve definitely had employers who I got along with but wouldn’t necessarily want at my wedding.

My invitation to her wedding gives me a “plus one,” and I’d like to take my former boss/current partner.

Do I need to ask if she minds me bringing her old boss as my date to the wedding?

Our bedroom is several rooms away from hers, and it sounds like she is right next to us.


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